Parti Pris Perfume By  TERRY DE GUNZBURG

Parti Pris Perfume By TERRY DE GUNZBURG

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Parti Pris Perfume by Terry De Gunzburg, Released in 2012, Parti Pris is a delectably complex fragrance designed to enchant the senses. Fresh and fruity accords dominate the top notes, with the citrus zing of mandarin mingling with the gentler tang of orange blossom. Romantic floral undertones emerge in the heart notes, which blend velvety tuberose and sensual ylang-ylang with the sweet intensity of Turkish rose. The fragrance closes with a complex base dominated by rich Tolu balsam, warm tobacco, and smoky vetiver. Sweet vanilla and aromatic incense add an extra hint of intrigue while a sturdy mix of labdanum and sandalwood provides the finishing touch.

Fragrances by Terry De Gunzberg are the result of a long and innovative career at the forefront of the beauty and fashion industry. Known for her signature approach to makeup, this successful designer brings indulgence and timelessness to every product her brand creates. Her cosmetics, skin care products, and perfumes combine modern convenience with classic couture.